The End of Creativity


Have you ever had a chaotic few weeks? Let’s be honest; asking that question seems utterly ridiculous because if you breathe Earth’s air, I’m sure you have experienced chaos. The reality is that we live in a chaotic culture, constantly moving from one thing to the next only to find ourselves exhausted and weary.

April was one of those months for me. With last minute trips to be with family in a painful season, to finding out that our home was being sold and we would need to find a new place to live, April was simply nuts. And as I sit here thinking about all that has happened, perhaps the most exhausting part of April was the halt in my creativity.

As a church planter, I have chosen to be co-vocational (stay tuned as we unpack that in a later blog) and in my full-time job I serve as a Presentation Coach/Content Strategist for a boutique presentation company. Every day I work with some of the largest brands in the world to tell their story and create their message.

In an effort to stay refueled for this job I decided that I would embrace my creativity on a personal level so that I could share my creativity with the world around me. But in April that commitment did not just slow down it came to a roaring halt. Rather than daily embracing my creativity, I dove head first into my to do list to stay ahead of the mounting tasks that come with both planting a church and working full-time.

Buried in sticky notes and delayed deadlines, my creativity slowly disappeared only to resurface on the daily client call or content discussion.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? The chaos of life has seemingly snuffed out the parts of you that bring the most to the world.

While these seasons can feel draining and exhausting here’s the good news: A new day is coming. With the start of May comes a time of refreshing and refocus. For me this means digging out my journal and diving back into my creativity. Maybe for you it means getting outside or enjoying coffee with a friend.

Whatever thing was stolen from you by busyness, it’s time to pull it back out and reclaim it. It’s time to dust off and step back in to the joy filled moments of your life. Maybe the busy season existed to remind you how deeply you loved those parts of yourself or to help you find a new appreciation for the slow seasons.

What if instead of wallowing in that season and throwing in the towel, we all decided it’s time to be us and bring our best selves to the world embracing the things we love? Let’s make May a new season, a time to be refreshed and a time to live rather than survive!

Things are Getting Real

Things are Getting Real

We have lived in Nashville for just over 6 weeks now! With summer adventures, camp excursions and tying up loose ends, it seems like we are only just now starting to settle in. I’ll be honest, when I initially felt called to move to Nashville and start a new church for my generation there was a spot in the back of my mind that said, “that will never happen.” But here I am, sitting on my couch and things are starting to get very real and honestly a little scary.

New City, New Journey

New City, New Journey

As many of you know, just under a month ago I packed up everything I own into a rental truck that was two sizes to small and drove 9 hours south to my new home in Nashville, Tennessee. To say it has been a wild ride would be an understatement. In the last 3 months, I have finished a season of ministry at Kensington Church where I had served for 6 years in Student Ministries, finished coaching a high school tennis team with a runner up trophy from the State Tournament, started a new job in Nashville for an amazing company, and begun the journey of launching a brand-new movement of God in a city that is exploding. What a whirlwind!