New City, New Journey


As many of you know, just under a month ago I packed up everything I own into a rental truck that was two sizes to small and drove 9 hours south to my new home in Nashville, Tennessee. To say it has been a wild ride would be an understatement. In the last 3 months, I have finished a season of ministry at Kensington Church where I had served for 6 years in Student Ministries, finished coaching a high school tennis team with a runner up trophy from the State Tournament, started a new job in Nashville for an amazing company, and begun the journey of launching a brand-new movement of God in a city that is exploding. What a whirlwind!

I’ll be honest, after 6 years in full time ministry I have spent the last month decompressing and settling in to a “regular” routine. This past month has taught me that I suck at rest and figuring out how to keep a regular rhythm of rest will be vital to the long-term health of my ministry. If you are like I was and are feeling worn down and tired, stop what you are doing, call your boss and tell them that you are taking a vacation. Now, I might be being a bit facetious when I say that, but I really do mean it. Taking time to rest must become part of your life whether you are in “vocational” ministry or not.

Another thing I’ve learned in this past month is that I love writing. I love what happens when an idea begins to take shape and a story develops. You see, my “new job” in Nashville is actually a writing job for a presentation design agency. Shameless plug- but if you are looking to grow as a public speaker or to have a presentation for an upcoming event professionally designed, check out  With 10 years in the public speaking space, this company knows what they are doing.

I digress. So as I said, I have been writing full time every day for Ethos3, but this morning it hit me: I have not done any writing for me. I have found a passion in my life and am embracing it professionally yet when it comes to my own life it lays dormant and untapped. How many of us do this in our own lives? We make excuses about not having enough time or that it is too hard but when it comes to our professional lives, we are driven and always seem to find the time.

I think that when it comes to living our best life and embracing our passions, we have no choice but to “make” the time. It may mean one less show on Netflix, or it might take some creativity with childcare, but when we choose to deny our passions with excuses like time or energy we are short changing ourselves and the role we were created to play in the world.

That is why I am so excited for this next season. Because the thing I’ve learned so far is that it’s not enough to live out your passions alone, but instead they are meant to be in community. The south is friendlier than the north. Our first day on the block we met all of our neighbors and were invited to the neighborhood block party for July 4th. There is just something about the people here that is warm and inviting. However as friendly as it is here, there are still people that are disconnected and longing for true relationship. And for me, it’s those lonely people that I cannot wait to meet because when our passions overlap and relationship develops, lives begin to change. Addictions begin to dissipate, health and wellness becomes a priority, and culture begins to shift.

This next season is going to be a journey, and I know that I have been given the gift of writing for a reason. So, in this season I am choosing to flex that muscle. I will be writing more.  I won’t say everyday (because to say every day is just not reasonable, and I always learned attainable goals are the best J) but I will write more.  These posts will be about everyday life, the things I’m learning, the things I’m loving, and the people I’m meeting along the way.