sponsor a project

At Movement Nashville there are several current projects that need immediate funding. For more information on these specific needs check out the information below.


Church planting organization

They say it takes 400 steps to launch a successful church plant. From filing paperwork to ordering sound equipment, we know that we are not the experts, but we have partnered with them. Passion 4 Planting is an organization that will help us accomplish those tasks and launch strong. Would you consider helping us cover the cost of this great organization who is committed to seeing us succeed?

Total Cost: $17,500

First Payment: $5,000 | Due: May15th
Second Payment: $7,500 | Due: June 15th Third Payment: $5,000 | Due: October 15th


 church planters Assessment

Planting a church is like starting a business. Add relationships and people into the mix and it can become even messier. That is why we have decided to go through a team assessment. This assessment is designed to help us understand each other and learn how to function as a highly effective team. Would you consider helping us cover the cost of this invaluable resource?

Total Cost: $2,000