Meet the Team

With a passion to see people encounter God through intentional community the Movement Nashville team is driven to create not just a church but a family. This team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will leave a lasting impact on every[one] that they encounter.


Carley DeKryger

As kitschy as it sounds, Carley has a passion to see people live as the best version of themselves on a team that functions more like a family.  With degrees in psychology and studio art, she strives to creatively solve all of the world’s problems.  Ha!  But really, she is an anomaly who is both creative and organized and strives to implement creative solutions to take individuals and teams up a notch.

Carley has more than 8 years of camp and church ministry, 3 years of coaching, and a couple of years in corporate America under her belt.  Carley holds a fierce belief that as good as it may be, you and your team can always do something to flourish all the more.  She seeks to embolden people to live the life that God set out for them to the fullest.  Her prayer is that people commune with their Creator and walk in His ways while being supported by teammates who do the same.

Caitlin McGuire.jpeg

Caitlin McGuire

Caitlin is a passionate communicator who desires to see the lives of people forever changed by the love of Christ. Each year, she speaks to thousands of people nationally ranging in ages from middle school - adults. After 5 years in camp ministry at one of the largest christian camps in the country Caitlin joined Kensington Community Church as a student ministry Director overseeing a large and growing youth ministry. As a former college athlete, and state champion tennis coach Caitlin has a unique gift to coach and inspire people to experience all that God has for them.

Through passionate teaching, and powerful experiences, Caitlin seeks to empower people to respond to the dreams God has placed on their heart RIGHT NOW. Caitlin's prayer is that every[one] has a chance to experience the outrageous love of God, she believes that it is through relationships that this love plays out.



Why Nashville


A city that's exploding...

Ranked 13th on the top 100 places to live, Nashville is a city on the rise. What was once a small town urban environment is now a bustling metropolis. With 90 people a day moving to the city, we believe that God is inviting us into a community that is desperate for connection. 

It is our desire to start a church where every[one] is welcome and there is always a seat at the table. In a city that is constantly on the go, our dream is to see people connect into meaningful relationships that give a tangible expression of the love of God. We believe that there is no better place to do this than in this thriving city. Whether you are a starving artist, an established doctor, or a passionate entrepreneur there is a place for you in our family. It is through this family that we hope to show you the love of God that can only be described as outrageous.  


Join the Movement




In order to launch strong, our team will need to raise significant financial resources over the next two years. We know that without you we could not accomplish this dream. It's why we're asking you, our people, to join us on the journey through financial giving. All giving is tax deductible.

Please make checks payable to Movement Nashville and mail them to the address below, or give on line by clicking the link below today. 

Movement Nashville
707 Main St
Nashville, TN, 37206

Any questions please email

**All gifts are tax deductible.


Join the prayer team

In order for this movement to take shape, we are trusting that God would provide for our every need in miraculous ways. We recognize that we need a team of people standing behind us and supporting our ministry through prayer.  To keep up with specific prayer needs, attend our vision and prayer meetings, or travel with us for prayer trips, join the prayer team below.





In following Jesus, there are times when He calls us lay down our agendas and follow Him. We know that God is calling people to step into the adventure of their lives by joining the launch team with us. Would you consider spending 1 or 2 years living in Nashville and allow God to use your life in getting this movement started?